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The Scales…to dread or not to dread, that’s the question?

Has a week passed already? Gosh, it’s been a bit of a blur. It’s been bloody cold here in London and I know the snow in Vancouver has been a nightmare too! Cold is manageable. Snow…..tu rehnde!

So, in this week’s dose of health and wellness tips for you, I wanted to talk about The Scales. (cue dramatic music that every Indian household is used to off Star Plus.)

I have seen SO many people cuss the scales, many that are too afraid to get on them because then the Nando’s they were about to eat would come with an extra dose of guilt. And then we have those on the other end of the spectrum who step on them

So what should we do? How do you stop feeling like a failure, or self-sabotaging ourselves so that instead of feeling crap because we ate a burger – we learn to embrace that and know when to stop over eating. Here’s my take and the reasoning behind it.

The scales have their own place in this world. They can be a great tool IF you use it in the right way. For example, stepping on it every single day, morning and afternoon is just pure head f***. The fluctuations in weight from when you wake up in the morning to when you go to sleep can be 4-5lbs! That’s about 2 kgs!

But why tho I hear you ask…well one reason is glycogen. This is a short-term energy source that your body taps into when it needs immediate energy.  Although it is produced from many different types of foods, foods like bread trigger glycogen being made in the body.  It’s a very good energy source but when it comes to the scales and how it impacts your weight, glycogen is very interesting; 3 to 4 grams of water will bond to each gram of glycogen. This is why people lose weight on carb-restricting diets like the Keto diet; much of the initial weight loss is simply water.

Picture this; you go on a strict diet lets say low in carbs and high in protein for a couple of weeks, you treat yourself to a weekend where you eat all the carbs that you missed so dearly. You jump on the scales on Monday morning and you find your 4 pounds heavier. Sad face. Good news, you didn’t waste any of your hard work!  It’s glycogen that’s fooling you and it’s mostly just water weight. This is the same with salt…and over doing it on the nachos…don’t let the scales fool you into thinking that you are putting on weight rather than losing it if thats your goal.

It all comes down to triggers. If the scales trigger you into a downward spiral of self-destruction, self-negativity and you fall of the wagon towards better health for you and your family then yes, I agree that you should hide them or not use them until you are ready to do so.

But if your mindset is ready to hit the ground running and you have set up habits to keep you on the right path then the scales are an excellent tool to monitor your results – along with how your clothes fit you.

It’s been said many a time that muscle weighs more than fat…but sometimes getting your head around that can be tough. If the scales are going up you can automatically go into a melt down, but here I encourage you to then also go by how your clothes fit. If they are less snug, then mate you are on the path to success. Also, go by how you feel, your energy levels, have they gone up? Are you sleeping better?

Perspective. Your attitude. Your view towards something can make you excel on this journey or hinder it.

Choose positivity. Choose the right mental attitude. It’s a journey for life, not a quick fix.

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Have a positive and productive week, thanks for reading!

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