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A New Decade, A New You?

A New Decade, A New You?

We have all been there – starting a NY with a ‘new year’s resolutions’. With such excitment and determination we end the year with all these great ideas that we want to achieve in 2020….all those goals that we share with our nearest and dearest over dinner. If you’re anything like my family, its who can shout loudest ‘I AM GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT, WATCH ME’ or ‘NO MORE ROTI’S, MAIN TAH CARBS NAHIN KHANE (I’m not touching a carb, ever…alright mate.)

Trust me when I say, your not alone. And if you’re reading this and come from a South Asian community, you know more than anyone – that shit is staying in our heads or in that room where your aunty is shouting the loudest to make sure it is known she is more important that anyone else. 

Veganuary, Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, No Carb, Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein… many times a day do you hear at least one of these words…I’ve counted, 6. And we wonder why everyone seems a little cuckoo?!

So for my very first blog, I want to try and clear the fog a little for you and where do I get the information from? From individuals whose work I read, study, inhale, who rely on research based approaches to health and wellness. And also, from my own personal experiences over the 10 years + that I have been training myself….here we go


 You just can’t. Simple? Of course not, this is real life unfortunately 🙂

Oh boy, when I say if I had my way, I would tell my body ‘right reduce the cellulite and fat from my thighs and bum first. Forget the rest, when I lose fat it HAS to be from those areas, OK. You get me?’

When we want to lose fat from a certain part of our body, just working out that area will not do that. An example that’s always used because it is very true…are ab crunches. Doing crunch after crunch won’t give you that flat tummy you want. And this goes into point 2


What I hear you say…She’s off her rocker? She’s chatting shit, move on to the next blog…..

It’s alright, I don’t blame you. You want to know why, because there is SO MUCH NOISE in the fitness industry. So many 30 day ‘fat loss’ plans from these very fit & sexy looking women and men on social media.

So my first piece of advice, QUESTION everything. 30 day fat loss, ok how? And then what happens after the 30 days?

Now don’t get me wrong, all of the above may fit your lifestyle, or you may do it for medical reasons. Or better still, it may kick start you to make better food choices. But, and I can tell you this from experience, unless you are in a calorie deficit – losing fat will prove difficult. But what the hell is a calorie deficit?


Calories are the units of energy you get from food and drinks. When you consume fewer calories than you burn, you achieve a calorie deficit. You burn calories from the moment you wake up to when you go to sleep, through every day movement. Exercise is another way to up that calorie burn (and is good for your body, mind & soul.)  

So unless the doctor has told you your borderline diabetic or fix up if you don’t want a heart attack, ditch the idea of a ‘diet’. 

See when you restrict yourself the alarms in your brain go off, its like telling a child…..’don’t touch that toy’….and then I watch as my 4 year old reaches out to touch ’that’ toy. 

Start with asking yourself why you have set yourself these goals or resolutions…are you doing it because your masi said you looked ‘healthy’ at the last wedding she saw you at or is it because when your kid says to you ‘lets go to the park’ your first thought isn’t ‘Oh how exhausting!’

Dig deep inside you, find you’re why. Break it down into mini why’s. Really understand yourself and then begin your journey.

A warm welcome to you….I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Harps, British Born but a very Desi Mum to an energetic little boy. I work full time in the finance industry, but my love for weightlifting…health…wellness has been ongoing for years after my own struggles with it all.

This led me to become a qualified Personal Trainer…especially in Pre-Post Natal fitness. Once you have been through it yourself, you know the ups and downs of it all. 

This blog, is aimed to help you. Through my own personal experiences as well as through the knowledge I have gained.

Any questions, topics you want to discuss? Help with? Email me:

Follow: Instagram @yourhealthwithharps

Otherwise see you next week x

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