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Being Kind Costs Nothing

Is life really short? Or is it really long? Or does it depend on your perspective?

What do you think? Sometimes I wish I could speak with you all to get an idea of your thoughts…..if your reading this then welcome back to your health with harps. It’s been a wet, windy week and not the kind of weather I believe I was made for, thats for sure. London has just been a wash out.

It also got me thinking about the events since the beginning of the year. I actually had a great piece ready for you all to read which I do feel many of us can relate to, but instead I changed my mind. Why, because I heard a story through a friend about a loss that shook me to the bone. A woman who lost her child a week before the baby was supposed to arrive. It just blew my mind. The grief, pain – I mean how do you even come back from that?

Coupled with the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other poor passengers on that helicopter. Caroline Flack committing suicide at 40. The countless wars around the world, the innocent who suffer the politics of this world.  

Yes, this isn’t a happy blog. But it is real. And the reality is we under estimate the pain people are in today. The extent to which our mental health is negatively affecting us, the suffering, the loneliness…..

We all have one round on this planet and you never think that situation will happen to you. But it can. Today I just point out some ways in which we can all help one another to break through:

Talk more: who would have thought that something so simple needs to be pointed out. We are all so consumed in our phones, social media that we do not see the tell tale signs around us. There are numerous help lines out there but a person can be so far gone into a world where they can’t see a way out that they don’t use those resources. That’s where you come in. By talking. Just asking ‘are you ok’ won’t do it. Delve deeper. Ask, how have you been?

Enjoy your family, kids: we are all guilty of this. Today’s life is just busy or we make it busy. So much so that we do not see what is in front of us. The people who love us. Who need us. Yes, there are times we are SO tired that we don’t want to play that game with our kids. Or we don’t want to talk to our partner….but remember this, they will not be there forever. That time you will not be able to get back.

See the world: it doesn’t have to be extravagant or across the other side of the world. Think about where you live, have you explored different cities? Spoken to different people, see the way they live? Not only does it make you appreciate what you have, it can also make you see how far you have come. You could have been the one that struggled to get where you are, or still are…seeing where you can go can be enlightening. You won’t remember that new sofa you bought but you will remember that conversation with the stranger that gave you the push you needed to chase your dreams.

We all live in glass houses, so don’t throw stones: if you think your better than someone else then your attitude needs a rain check. You have no idea what someone is going through. Especially in our asian community where every son or daughter is better than the neighbours. I can tell you this, if perspectives do not change and we do not stop judging others then imagine the community young members of your family are going to grow up in. 

To see change, be the change. Dont just talk about it and then go back to old habits. 

Kindness costs nothing

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