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Family, Health, Work, Exercise – How Do You Find the Balance?!

Welcome back guys to your weekly dose of health and wellbeing info…..for those of you who have clicked on this for the first time Hiiiiiii! 

I’m Harps, grew up in the 80’s, now in my 40’s. A parent & working mum who is VERY passionate about everything related to making a person feel better. Mentally, physically and just feel good about themselves. A qualified PT who wants to spread the benefits of strength training ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN who think the weight room is just for meat heads. You couldn’t be more wrong. Some of those meat heads are the NICEST people & most helpful ever. Plus, there is always space for a woman. We rule right! 

Whether you’re a bloke or lady reading this, a parent or a teenager I am sure there comes a time in your life where you just don’t know how to balance all the pieces in your life. You see it everywhere. Exercise. Eat Well. Don’t eat carbs. Eat carbs. Don’t eat fat. Actually eat it. Being Vegan is the only way to be healthy – WHAT THE FISH!!!!

Look, if you want to make a change in your life – and only if you want to for yourself. Not for your partner. Not for your family. But for you, then here are some tips on how to fit it all in:

  • A TIMELINE: we all have a phone. so before you switch off for the night, jot down in your notes what’s going on the next day. Then look for that opening – 30mins, 40 mins or more if you can and write MOVE and the time you plan to do it. Writing it down, seeing it the next day helps your brain kick it up a notch. You then know that YOU have to do it as you have made time in your day to get it in.
  • SCREEN TIME: look, giving your kid an ipad or the TV for a bit will not kill their brain cells…it will give you the time to do something for you. That time in the long run means a more energetic, healthier person. With better concentration & more strength. Who doesn’t want that?
  • MEALS: many have said it, pre plan, prep your food, freeze batches. But putting it into practise can sometimes be difficult. Finding the time to make it all when Deliveroo is a phone call away – who wants to make the effort?! Look I get it, some days are harder than others. Your tired cos of work, the kids, cleaning – just life in general. The food and drink you put inside will help with these. Yup you read it right. You want more energy then you have to start EATING TO FUEL your body. That doesn’t mean salads and kale all day long. It means look at your plate, does it include food that have some sort of vitamins & minerals to help you feel better. No, then change it. You are in control of this.
  • SMALL STEPS: don’t go mental and try and change it all. One behaviour, one aspect at a time. You don’t sleep well, work on that first. You stress levels are high, find 5-10 mins to switch off and breathe. Meditate. Read. Whatever calms you down. Just take it one change at a time.

That’s all folks today. I hope it resonated with some of you. Got some of you to think about yourself and how to fit what you want to change in….

As always, you can contact me at OR follow me on Insta @yourhealthwithharps


See you next week x



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