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Food is energy & the right food is medicine

Fat Loss and Weight Loss…there’s a difference? 

Hey gang! How you all doing? I hope the week has been good and the world is treating you kindly.

So I was thinking that I must do a pic with an article soon. Don’t you find its hard to connect with a writer when you don’t know what they look like OR know things about them? Yeah me too, so watch this space…

Today before I begin with the question that has been asked many times but it can be a pain in the chitar  to actually understand. I will break it down for you, in normal human English. But first, what experience do I have of it?

Let me tell you – I was a heffer. Now, there is nothing wrong with size. Size does not = an unhealthier person. I have friends who are the size of my ungli (finger) who need mouth to mouth when they walk up a flight off stairs! And I ain’t exaggerating. 

It only gets unhealthy when it affects your every day life. When you struggle to play with your kids because 10 minutes into it your gasping for air. Or when you’re cleaning the house, ironing the clothes, making dinner and you are just knackered. Food is energy and the right food is medicine. Now let’s get into the nitty gritty – fat loss and weight loss…is there really a difference.

Weight loss can be one of three things:

  • Your losing fat (ohhh balleee)
  • Your losing muscle (nahinnnnn!)
  • Your losing water 

Weight Loss

What comes to mind when you think weight loss? 

The scales?

Your clothes?

Most of the time we focus on the scale BUT and this is one BIG BUT, the scales change

When you’ve got carried away at the cinema and had way too many nachos…or when you start your period. Changes in the water in your body, salt, bloating ALL change that number. So getting on that scale in the morning and then at night and it says your 10lbs heavier – it is that water weight that causes your body weight to go up and down. 

And here’s where many of us go wrong. I have done it too so I’ve been in your shoes. We restrict calories, go on a soup diet, drink ‘detox teas’ but the problem is you will lose both muscle and fat. By crash dieting and improper training. You do NOT want to lose muscle, it’s so important especially if you want to lost fat. Muscle needs constant energy to stay so even when you’re sleeping your body will be burning fat too! Result! 

Losing Fat

Boom!! This is the creme de la creme. If you are looking to get leaner, healthier and increase your energy, fat loss is the key. To keep that lovely muscle here’s some tips to help:

  • Get enough calories in for your body size and how much you move. 
  • Get your calories from nutrient dense food like fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes, dairy, whole grains.
  • Eat your protein! Especially my ladies out there! Trust me, we want to stay strong as we age and for that we need muscles. 
  • Move! Exercise – walk, lift weights and give your muscles a reason to maintain themselves. If you don’t exercise, your body is going to shed that unneeded muscle. 

You will be on that way to losing that unwanted fat, and keeping your beautiful muscle.

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See ya next week peeps. Have a productive week x

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