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With Asian music lovers visiting the website daily and new news added nearly everyday, why not make your project, music video, event or business standout from the rest. We are listed as Number 1 for search engine Google, Yahoo, Bling, Ask, Aol to name a few for Bhangra Releases, Latest Bhangra Music, Latest Bhangra Videos, Bhangra Music Plus much more. Search these topics for yourself . This makes it easy for music lovers to find your music with us easy and direct them to explore the site.

One-third of online music site visitor’s return to the site several times per day.We average 2,000 hits per day. Unlike many other sites providing false hits stating thousands per day, but not informing clients these are not unique hits and just returning visitors. We personally believe it’s about the quality of hits you get a day by real music lovers that are more likely to view your advert and not falsely claiming thousands of hits per day.

The credibility of the music website extends to the advertiser. Web users agree that online advertising is more believable from a trusted Web site.  One of the key advantages to advertising with us is the fact that your ad. can be seen anytime, by prospective customers from anywhere in the world.  The average small to medium size business may find it next to impossible to reach new business hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Not so when you take advantage of one of the best aspects of reaching an Asian Punjabi,Indian,Hindi,Pakistani audience from the seat of your home  Availability!  24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The Advantages of Advertising

Advertising Creates profile traffic, Attracts New Customers, Gives your project more awareness,Is an Investment in success, Encourages continuous business, Keeps you in the competitive race. If a business is not generating business, its going out of business.  Advertising encourages repeat business.
Through our advanced marketing tools we will ensure your project is highlighted from the rest and attractive to our visitors ensuring they are made aware of your project.
Our goal is simple… to place your logo and your name in front of enough people,  so when seeing your ad. banner throughout the site, click on it and go to your business.

Therefore, it is quite simple, take advantage of our ever-increasing popularity and gain a spot for your upcoming projects, music videos, events, business profiles or website!

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