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BhangraReleases.com is the premiere online destination for Asian Music. You may say that’s a bold statement…but when you have been established since 2012, we know we provide the latest industry news.Our Head Office is based in the UK, London to be exact and is one of the fastest growing Asian Music sites.

Our mission; to provide “MUSIC 4 U”.

Since 2012 our site has grown worldwide into a full-service media outlet. We don’t miss a trick so our content is up to date which is why we are listed as the number one popular search engine for Bhangra music, releases and news.

Our website caters to fans of Bhangra music worldwide and that’s why we cover all tastes and styles. Our aim; to provide a platform to bring music lovers and artists all under one roof.We also know the importance of being reliable and consistent therefore we continuously aim to cover the latest industry news, music releases and videos that Bhangra fans want access to at the snap of their fingers.

BhangraReleases.com has seen over the years that the quality control in the Asian Music Market hasn’t always been ‘top notch’ but we are confident in saying that this policy is right at the top of our objectives.

If there is anything missing from the site that you feel is important, we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us at





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