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Jaz Dhami – Mool Mantar (Out Now)

I started my musical journey with Gurbani / Kirtan over 20 years ago. Every year I felt like “this is the year where I’ll be making my Gurbani, Kirtan debut” but it never happened.

Even though I’ve tried to do a Simran or Mool Mantar recording for years I’ve always felt like there’s something missing. As the whole world went in to lockdown I somehow found time and started revisiting my old music lessons and I made a stop at this particular Raga, Raga Bhairav.

Those of you wondering what “Raga” means without going into too much detail. A Raga is a combination of notes in which a song or music piece is performed. In Western terms its called a key signature / scale.

As Gurbani (Sikh scriptures) are performed in over 31 Ragas and like most ragas are divided in pehars (times in which they should be sung) I felt like I wanted to stick to those guidelines and recite the Mool Mantar in Raga Bhairon (morning raga, predominantly sang at Amrit Vela).
This was one of the very first raga’s I learnt and I just felt a deeper connection when composing it. I hope this resonates with you 🙏

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