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Jaz Dhami ft Naseebo Lal – Kasoor (Out Now)

This is the first time Jaz Dhami and Naseebo Lal have collaborated, complemented tastefully by the production of Torontos producer duo XD PRO.

“While I was out in TDot for a show I linked up with the XD boys in the studio, they played me the sketch of Kasoor, I liked it straightaway, so I had to do it, the whole vibe they’d created had such soul in it”.

The idea for Naseebo to be on the song came a few months after, when Jaz felt the heartache of the song needed a powerful female vocalist to express it. “I’ve always been a fan of Naseebo Lal, I think every Punjabi singer has. It was such a pleasure to record her, a true professional and perfectionist. I was amazed at how pitch perfect she sounds. She took the song to another level, which in turn inspired me to get back in the studio and do my own vocals again.”

Lyrically the song has been constructed so delicately by singer-songwriters Tej Gill and Simar, you can’t help but get immersed in it, similarly the audiences will find the music video is an artistic and poetic interpretation of the sentiments in the song.

Be prepared to be amazed both lyrically and vocally, as Kasoor really is a harmonious masterpiece.

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