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Jaz Dhami – ft Mitika Kanwar – Charkha (Full Video)

Jaz Dhamiʼs second single of 2020 sees him take it back to the melodious tones weʼve been encapsulated by in songs like Zulfa and Beparwaiyan.

Charkha is an expression of pure, innocent love. With a distinctive hook that many will recognise from the folk song of Chitra Singh, ʻCharkha mera ranglaʼ – itʼs been adapted and added to by Jaz with such romantic melodies, youʼll be mesmerized.

Jaz also introduces a new talent to scene, singer Mitika Kanwar, “when I first heard Mitikaʼs vocal I was really impressed and drawn to it. While doing this song together I felt our voices complemented one another so well, her voice was the inspiration for it, and sheʼs bought a real character to the track.”

Over the past twelve months youʼve heard a more western influence in Jaz Dhamiʼs style of singing, this one exudes Indian melody, but is a fully urban beat as heʼs back working with Amaar Baz who co-produced Running Away feat. Arjun back in January. Freddy Icepik has also co-produced this one.

All those fans who say theyʼve missed the senti Jaz Dhami, heʼs tailored this one for you guys.


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