Exclusive Interview with Canadian artist Jasmine k kara

Jasmine, thank you, so much taking time out to speak with us here on!!  Tell us abit more about you and where it all started from?

I want to start by thanking Bhangra releases for the support on Raat Meri.  I have seen only the top bhangra tracks and artists featured on your site, and as a singer who has debuted less than a year ago, I am honoured to be among your featured artists.   On that note, it all started at the end of 2022 when I launched my vocal career on the Ishq Remix by Rishi Rich.  From there, it has been a living dream of collabs with amazing artists in the south asian and mainstream music scenes.  I have also launched a few solo tracks, where I’ve composed, produced and written the songs, myself.  

We know you are based in canada, how do you find the current music bhangra/Hindi market, and how did you manage to link up with the legend RISHI RISHi from the UK?

This is actually one of my favourite stories to tell, because it had always been a dream of mine to work with Rishi Rich.   I admired Rishi’s work as a producer for years, and Rishi had shown appreciation of my music as a pianist a few years ago when he followed me on IG (where I showcased a lot of piano videos).  In that sense, we had built a rapport on socials while I was working on developing my skills as a producer.  When I debuted as a producer with the original Ishq song, the opinion that mattered most to me was Rishi’s.  When I went to ask him what he thought of the track, I decided to be a bit bold and ask if there was any remote possibility that he would consider working on the remix.  As we know, he said, “yes,” and the rest is history.  

Clearly, my favourite music genres, growing up, were the urban asian streams stemming from UK artists like Rishi Rich and Jay Sean.  Now, I am really impressed to see that Toronto talent has risen up, as well.  We have a lot of globally recognized punjabi artists that are based in/ frequently in Toronto (such as Karan Aujla), and that gets me excited for potential upcoming collabs. 

Is the Music market short of female artist, and if so WHY?

There is a definite shortage of female punjabi artists in Toronto.  I see quite a few in the UK, but I’m actually the only female punjabi original artist that I can think of that is published, performs, and based in/from Toronto (unless, of course, we count the queen, Lily Singh).  This surprises me because some of the most popular punjabi male artists in the world are in Toronto (e.g. Deep Jandu).  I think that females feel uncomfortable working in male-dominated environments,  and fortunately, I don’t need to rely on anyone to move forward with my music.  I run my own label, I produce, I write, I sing, and I even edit photos and videos; this way, I can move forward fast, quickly building off of fan feedback to make and release more music they will love.

Since your last release, do you feel the music market has changed, and how difficult  is it to keep up?

I released Raat Meri at the end of May, and I think that the popularity of the track is actually contributing to a shift in the music local fans are choosing to listen to.  Right now, every venue is playing trap songs (which I enjoy), but I can tell that it’s not for everyone when I look around the room.  I was just recently performing at an event, and many of the young girls and ladies were singing along and dancing to Raat Meri.  I was surprised to see children as young as 7 or 8 really feeling the vibe.  I bring a pop vibe that’s very “Alisha Chinai”/ “Desi Britney,’ and I don’t think there’s anyone else really representing that area of punjabi music right now – even though there is definitely a demand for it.  On top of that, my music is about representing the immigrant kids that people casually refer to as “coconuts” or ABCD’s.  I sing like a west-born kid would sing, mixing english and punjabi, and with that fusion instrumental vibe.  Being true to my fans and the pluralistic cultures that represent us, I find myself fortunately in a position where instead of keeping up with trends, I am setting them.  

Tell us about your New single “Raat Meri”, how did it all come about?

ZMBYA and I were introduced through a good friend, who is a world-renown producer – so how could I refuse the collab?  I am picky with producers I work with because, I, myself, produce.  That being said, when I heard what ZMBYA had cooked up, I was like “OMG I LOVE IT LET’S GO!!!!”  From there, I wrote the song, it fit like a glove with the track, and one sassy music video later, fans around the world were crazy about it.

I have to admit, we at are loving the video, which is showcasing on the site, who’s concept was it and lastly who taught you them moves 🙂

That means so much to me, because it’s the first music video I shot where I was dancing!  I wrote the storyline for this video, because it was so inextricably tied to the meaning of the song I had written (Raat Meri).  The message I wanted to get across was that a girl is able to take her happiness into her own hands across the challenges of relationships, and that her dreams are in her hands to fulfill even if these challenges make it hard.  The story in the video shows that the girl (me) has left her challenges at home and goes to meet her girlfriends at a lounge so they can empower each other and have a happy evening.  She then also resolves the disagreement with her partner over text and returns home.  The track’s vibe was so danceable, throughout, that I did not want to fill the timeline with improvised moves.  I hired a top choreographer in Toronto to come up with some awesome moves that turned into a dance challenge on social media.  We have some ladies and kids that shared reels with these moves, as well.  Those fan-made dance challenge reels were a real treat to watch!

What is your current fav bhangra artist at the moment and why?

Jasmine Sandlas.  No questions asked.  It’s not just because she has an amazing name (lol), but also because she is so fearlessly genuine and raw on the mic; I feel every word she sings.  It is so important to feel represented in music so that you feel a connection to the music, and while she and I may have different backgrounds, I feel like she brings the same ferocious female energy!!

I know we have mentioned a lot about Bhangra music, would you say your a Bhangra artist Hindi or Mix of both?

I am actually a mix of all the above and more.  The first thing all industry veterans tell you when you enter the game is to stick to a niche.  So, my favorite niche is punjabi bhangra pop and I’ve been making most of my music with that vibe.  At the same time, I’m a total Bollywood junkie and I’ve composed so many romantic hindi ballads like Milgaya (released March of 2023) .  I think that every artist has the opportunity to capture engagement with two sides of theirs: hype and mellow.  My hype side is punjabi-english music and my soulful/melodious side is hindi.  I think these would bring crowds for two different types of shows.  I am a passionist pianist, and while I’ve only done the upbeat shows so far, I think that down the line, when I release more soulful music, a lot of people will enjoy listening to those hindi tunes with piano accompaniment.

If you had the choice of picking any artist to do a duet with, who would it be with?

Jay Sean.  I don’t think there is another artist in the world that caters to a more similar audience.  He’s the original dude who brought the english/pubjabi bhangra pop vibe to surface.  He’s a legend and a collab would be sweet.

Look, its been a great pleasure speaking with you, but before you go, what can we expect from the future and do we have to wait a long time again??

Wait just a couple of days!   My birthday is this Saturday (July 29, 2023), and I’m surprising fans with a brand new punjabi-english bhangra pop track called, “Apni” (“my own”).  If you loved Raat Meri, then Apni is for you, with a very danceable EDM/bhangra fusion vibe.  I have written, produced, and sung on Apni, myself, so it really is a gift from the bottom of my heart to all of you, coming this Saturday when it releases. When you play my music, sing to it, and best of all – dance to it – that is the greatest gift I can get on my birthday/ release day coming up!



IG: @jasminekkara

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