RV Narang talks to us about his brand new release “SWAG”

1.Firstly thank you for taking the time out to speak with us here on , for anyone that might not know you, who are you and where did it all start from?

Well im RV Narang singer & song writer from Newcastle Upon Tyne, my musical journey started when I was kid singing at family functions, which lead to wedding performances around the whole of the uk. Later on I did some tracks on the real deal mix tape back in 2007 which were well received which lead me to writing songs & my first official release ‘Tera Roop’ was in 2010.   

2.Right, straight to the point, where have you been hiding for the last 5/6 years since the release of gal sun?

Good question, after gal sun I wanted a time out as I wanted to write more songs & complete my album & release it all in one go, I had a release planned in 2015 ‘Nagin’ but the video got delayed so I never released it but it will feature on my album & the video is ready so that will drop to once the album is released. 

3.Okay, so 2018 has seen your latest single SWAG release ft v5k, firstly who is v5k and what’s the concept behind “swag”?

V5K is a young producer from Glasgow, he has created the muzik for swag & Iv assisted in the composition etc, he is a very talented & a humble young man & he plays lots instruments such as dhol, tumbi, wajda etc & I’m sure you’re going to be seeing a lot more from him in the future. 

Ok so the concept behind swag was to create a urban funky vibe with a very current sound, initially the melody was the same but the lyrics were very desi & freshy sounding then when I showed it to a few friends they said it needs switching up, then the idea of swag was born & the rest is history. 

4.Your video seems to go away from the typical bhangra videos, dancers, cars etc what’s the reason behind it and also why in a subway?

Well, if you watch all my previous video’s I like to create something different every time, we are in the entertainment business & our job is to entertain. I love taking the public on a journey in my video’s, so they tend not to be Your typical boy girl type video or one set, one outfit type of typical vibe. 

In Swag I wanted more of a performance based video & there are subtle interactions between our assistant & the model just to keep it interesting. The subway really suited the vibe of the song & the dancers looked ace with the backdrop too. So far everyone has really enjoyed the video & the feedback has been amazing. 

5.We understand your music video was rejected from a music tv channel., are you willing to share the channel and the reason why this has happened?

Well, I’d like the channel to remain anonymous as it’s there opinion about the song, but I feel everything happens for a reason & social media, YouTube etc is a massive platform these days so in theory tv is becoming more & more irrelevant. 

However once the track went straight to no1 on the release I did send the screen shot to the person from the TV channel who rejected the video, I’m 100% a humble JATT but sometimes you have a point to prove. 

6.A lot of people want to know what does RV stand for?My real name is Ravinder Singh Narang & RV Narang is the abbreviation of this, these days stage names are very important as is image & branding. 

7.What’s your current thought on the bhangra industry?

Well the current state of the industry is a bit weak, many artists are realising the sounding material over & over again. The is a lack of originality, artists who make original creative muzik such as DJ swami or The PropheC never get the recognition they deserve. 

8.Do you feel every artist is just out for themselves, and nobody really supports each other?

Yeah this is true, I’ve helped out & even launched lots of artists but in return they never supported me in the same way, I feel the industry is very small & competitive in theory its dog eat dog. The real genuine support if any has come from the up & coming artists who have shown real love. 

9.If you could change the industry what would it be?

The only thing needing is quality control, lots of rubbish muzik is being released & promoted as the best thing ever by buying fake views & fake following, if this one thing changed it would be for the better also on that note if all artists got an equal push that would be good to as these days its about who you know not what you know.   

10.What does the future hold for you, can we see more releases this year?

Yeah deffo, iv got a big collaboration in the pipeline, that’s going to be my next focus so that should release soon I hope & then the monster album ‘My Way’ which has been 8 years in the making, it’s 90% complete & well worth the wait trust me. The tracks all have there unique sound & because i’v worked with lots of different artists the album has something for everyone.

11.On that note, thanks for taking the time out to speak with us, is there anything you would like to say to our readers worldwide?

Yes, thanks for supporting my muzik, it means a lot to me, keep supporting real artists & keep the culture alive. Swag is out now so get your copy legally & go watch the video on YouTube. Peace




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