Exclusive interview with the music man Sukshinder Shinda

Sukshinder Shinda takes time out in his busy music life to speak exclusively with Find out his up’s and down’s in the music scene, what’s to come in the future and the response to Collaborations 3. So let’s get down to business with Shinda.

1.Thank you for taking the time Sukshinder Shinda to speak with us and your millions of fans on So You’ve had a good couple of months so far, working on Collaborations 3, how was the journey and what’s the response been like for you?

The response has been great, I’ve got a variety of tracks for everyone, some people like the beats and some people like the romantic songs. It was very hard work working with different singers as the main thing is getting songs that will suite each singer. It took me about 18 months to get this project together.  

2. You’ve also managed to get Diljit Dosanjh to work with you, on ‘Singh Naal Jodi’. How was that?

He is such a nice guy and really hard working. When I was putting this track together, I needed someone with a turban and Diljit Dosanjh came to my head so I phoned him up and he was up for it straight away. I really enjoyed working with him and on the video shoot.

3.Who would you say has been your favourite collaboration till date?

There has been many but if I had to pick one I would say Gurdas Maan Ji along with Abra Ul Haq for collaboration. Was great working with them

4. Will we see a Collaborations 4 at any point in the near future?

Who knows, it’s too early to stay I’ve still got more music videos to release from Collaborations 3. If I do you guys will be the first to find out.

5. You first started off as a music producer in the industry, what made you turn to singing as well? 

I always use to sing and was learning singing while producing off my late brother Mohan Singh NIMMANA and I just would like to mention all my  guru teachers that have taught me. Kuldeep Singh Matharu, Lal Singh Phati – Dhol Master, Ustad Ajeet Singh MUTLASHI and Baldev NARANG.

6. Would you encourage more musicians and producers to sing as well, if they had the potential?

Yes Yes why not. I always encourage anyone with music to keep on it. It’s a great feeling. It’s the best thing in the world.

7. What’s it like to perform live as a recording artist now? Did you find it difficult to begin with?

It’s like the stage is on fire. The reaction on peoples faces is just great, seeing people dancing and having a good time. It was not difficult for me as I use to be on stage at a very young age when I use to play in a band for my brother and A.S. Kang Ji.

8.Do you have a favourite video of yours that may have been the most fun to work on?

Yes, it has to be to from the album “Living The Dream” CHARDI KHALLA. We shoot it in India, started of in Punjab to Delhi to Bombay, singing on top of a cinema was amazing. Great experience.

9. What’s been the most difficult hurdle for you along your time in the industry? Any setbacks?

It’s very difficult competing against yourself when I release another tape. Specially when you’re singing and producing and playing most of the instrumentals yourself. I always want to better myself, however I want to thank all the fans across the world that have been supporting me. The biggest setback is people downloading and not buying the music. It hurts me after putting in all this hard work. Also it’s really hard for new artist to come on the scene because it’s very expensive to release a song as company’s want to ensure they at least make there money back.

10. Best highlight? Every artist must have one!

My highlight is doing something I wanted to do as a kid and that is music and people appreciating it and touring the world and meeting all types of people from different life’s.

11. Would you ever consider going into films like a few other artists have done, such as Jazzy B and Garry Sandhu?

Not just for the sake of it, I’d rather make a good song which has a longer life then a film!

12. With the music scene changing a little now, with more brit-asian artists on the scene, is there anyone in particular that strikes out to you the most? Do you have a current favorite who you think may go very far?

There is a good few guys doing well, but it’s really hard to say because they only have a few songs out. As people are not buying albums it’s hard to give a variety on just a single.

13. What do you do in your spare time, when you’re not producing or singing or working in the studio?

I like listening to Indian classical music and spending time with my teachers.

14. How long do you see yourself working within the industry, is this something you’ve thought about or are you just going with the flow?

I will be doing music all my life, that’s all I know. I think about music every single day. My life is involved around music.

15. Just out of interest, do you listen to other genres as well as Panjabi music?

I listen to all types of music. If I go to a new country I like to listen to there folk music. I enjoy listening to  hip pop music and you will notice some sounds in my production.

16. Who’s been your idol or inspiration?

It’s been my big brother Late  Mohan Singh NIMMANA.

17. Now to something completely off topic, what’s your favourite Indian dish?

Dal and roti noting can beat that.

18. What’s the best country you’ve ever visited and hope to go back to one day?

I’ve been to loads of country’s and they all have something special about each of them. I have to say I enjoy Kenya though.

19. What does 2015 have in store for you? Any exclusives news you can give away?

Where do I start………. I still have a few more music videos to release from collrations 3, and have just released the video with Abra Ul Haq due to public demand. I’m releasing a dharmka album called “Langer” which is based on Guru Nanak dev je, who’s father gave him 20 rupee to start some business but he fed some hungry saints this is where “Langer” started from all around the world. A lot of youngsters don’t know about this but hopefully once they listen to this album they will understand. It’s an 8 track album on Dharmaka seva records which is a non profit organsistion. I would like to say to all the fans to ensure they support this as they are doing a great job. It’s releasing on the 8th April 2015. I’m also working with some amazing producers on a few new singles and will mention about this in due course once its ready. 

20. We here at BhangraRelases have a strong policy which is quality control. We have felt our industry has never had this. What is your thought on this and do you agree with with our policy?

Yes I agree with quality if you want our genre to expand. However it just seems that it’s so easy to release music now. Money is taking over which is a shame. I want to thank you guys for putting up a website that looks at the quality of the music before the world sees it. We need more like this.

21. And finally, what would you like to say to our readers across the world on ?

Firstly i want to say thank you for the whole team behind for supporting asian music and giving a platform for artist and music lovers to share there music. Keep up the great work guys.  Secondly I like to thank all my fans around the world for supporting my music and I would like to wish everyone a happy vaisakhi 2015. Lastly please Support everyone’s music, if you like something buy it and support the industry that’s the only way it will grow. God bless everyone.

Thank you to Sukshinder Shinda for taking the time to speak with us here on We wish you all the success in your career.

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