Exclusive interview with Meshi Sandhu

Meshi Sandhu, thank you so much taking time out to speak with us here on!! It’s been a while since we have heard from you, so for the people who don’t know Meshi Sandhu, tell us a bit more about you and where it all started from?

I’m Meshi Sandhu, a UK born Punjabi singer. I’ve recently returned to the music industry after 8 years. You may have heard my previous releases ‘Dil Mangdi’ and ‘Piche Piche’ from when I was signed to VIP Records back in 2014. I’ve been away from the scene as I’ve been focusing on things outside of music which included relocating. Over the years I’ve been working on my comeback projects and I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on.

Why has it taken you so long to release a new track?

As mentioned, I’d taken time out to focus on things outside of music. However, I continued to work on music in the background and network with other artists. I’ve got some great music lined up for 2023 working with some well-known names in the music industry.

Since your last release, do you feel Bhangra Music has changed and if so, how hard was it to catch up with the sound after taking a break?

Since I released previously in 2014, music has changed significantly. Nowadays Punjabi music features a more westernised style and we’re seeing more pop/rap fusion and urban vibes rather than traditional bhangra music. As a returning artist, it was important for me to recognise this transition and weave it into my new music to move with the times. Social media also plays a huge role now than it did when I previously released. This has been something I’ve adopted to network with fellow artists and followers.

Tell us about your New single “Bounce”, how did it all come about?

In May 2023 I released my comeback single ‘Bounce’. This was written and composed by me, and the music was produced by DJ Lyan. I wanted my returning single to be a party/summer beat and that’s exactly what we delivered. Feedback has been fantastic, with the song hitting many countries around the world including Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore, and Turkey.

I’ve recently released a desi remix of the song, produced by DJ Dips. This version gives listeners more of a traditional bhangra feel to ‘Bounce’. The desi remix is available to stream and download on all digital platforms.

I have to admit, we at are loving the video, which is showcasing on the site, who’s concept was it and lastly who taught you them moves 🙂

The brains behind the video concept came from the video director Ricky MK. Ricky has a huge portfolio of music videos and films under his belt and we’ve got more projects on the way. He’s become a good friend and a great person to work with. Ricky had a vision of the video being exciting and full of colour, so that’s what inspired the location and outfits. We had a dance choreographer who created some of the dance moves, but the rest was all me 😉

What is your current favourite bhangra artist and why?

It’s got to be Diljit Dosanjh paaji. The way he’s so versatile with his music and videos is an inspiration as well as the way he portrays himself in such a professional yet humble manner.

If you had the choice of picking any artist to do a duet with, who would it be with?

Again, it would have to be Diljit paaji. It would be an absolute honour to have the opportunity to work with him.

Look, it’s been a great pleasure speaking with you, but before you go, what can we expect from the future, and do we have to wait a long time again??

Definitely not. I’ve got 2 more singles which will be dropping later this year. The next single is just around the corner, so you won’t have to wait long at all. To stay tuned with my journey, do follow me on socials @meshisandhuofficial

Thanks to Bhangra Releases for the continued support, it’s been great catching up.

Once again, thanks for speaking to us here at we wish you the best for the future. Don’t forget to catch Meshi on all Social platforms @MeshiSandhuOfficial

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