Exclusive Interview with Jazzy B

Music Legend Jazzy B takes time out to talk exclusively with Find out how Mittran De Boot release went, working with Surveen Chawla, issue with Sharry Mann, Jazzy b Clothing, has the music industry changed and much more!!!

You’ve just released a brand new track with Dr Zeus “Mittran De Boot”, what was it like working with him?

Working with Dr Zeus was fun, we have been talking for a while to work together. The track idea came 3 years ago, but he got busy so did i, everything happens for a reason. So I just waited for the right time. Loads of people love the video and track, we have had loads of hits on youtube. I am very happy with the outcome

You’ve also worked alongside Surveen Chawla on this track, is this the first time you have worked with her? 

She was in my naag 2 video aswell, I think that was her first Punjabi video. That is where she got discovered by Punjabi films so this was the 2nd video we done together. We have another one for a film which is not out yet. I think you can tell in the video of the chemistry we had together

You featured in a film earlier this year “Romeo Ranjha” alongside Garry Sandhu – is acting something you would like to consider doing more of now?

Well, my first love is music that’s what I love. I love performing live. There are films in the pipeline, but first love is always music. I take it as it comes, I don’t really plan too much. If I like the script then, yea I might do the film.

Is there a new album dropping sometime soon with your right hand man Sukshinder Shinda?

Yea, I think its been 3/4 years since I released maharajas, a lot of people have been tweeting, facebook me over social networks, asking for a full album. The plan is to try and bring the old style back like londono patola, folk and funky, there will definitely be a album in 2015 with Sukshinder shinda paaji. Right now I’m trying to collect all the old tracks and writers who wrote londono patola and all them kinda songs. As all the lyrics have changed now, so I need to get all these guys back and bring the sound back. So a lot of time is currently spent to collect this.

Other than Kuldeep Manak is there anyone else you look up to?

Obviously without ustad ji, without him I would not be singing. I look up to everyone and also listen to everyone, like chamkila, surinder shinda, mohammad sidique , I listen to everyone man. Nachhatar Gill is one of my favorite. I listen to all the artist new ones & old ones. I listen to all types of music.

Recently, there has been some stuff going around on social media portraying some sort of conflict between yourself and Sharry Mann? What happened there?

Well…… I don’t know what happened there. I just released a track and I don’t know why sharry wrote something like that. Hey I don’t say anything back, but I guess it jealous people and frustrated people out there. Whatever happened I don’t really take anything to heart. I answer back with my music. I have been in the industry for over 20 years, I don’t say or write anything about people. Even the new kids trying, Everybody is trying. I never say anything. Stuff like this should not happen in our industry man. It’s a small industry we need to work together and collaborate together and make it bigger…buy hey everybody has there own opinion.

Do you remember the very first time you performed abroad? Where was it?

Well I remember my first performance in Canada it was in Surrey Art Centre. It was my first time I ever went on stage and performed front of people. Manmohan Waris, they just came from India and backed me up with the band. I remember a friend of mine played that song on TV and all my family was gathered around the tv waiting for my performance so that was a special moment for me.

Do you think Bhangra has changed a lot since you first started?

Yes definitely erm bhangra has changed a lot, over the years the music has changed from the original folk sound, but I think it’s a good thing, changes must be made!!. It’s like fashion, music is like that. People want to try different things with me and sukshinder shinda and people know we are known for this. I think its for the best, its not only considered in Punjab now, bhangra music is played everywhere now Hollywood, bollywood.

You’ve also started your own clothing line, tell us a little more about that, is it something you have always wanted to do?

Yea with the clothing line we tried this 4/5 years ago. It should have been then, but like I said everything happens for a reason. I did not like the product that was made and the samples. So I told them to hold onto and let’s do it properly. Like while I’m talking with you now, it’s currently still under construction should be coming out soon online first. We see how the flow goes and then maybe some stores after, it will be called BE JAZZY, something I want to represent myself and tell the people who like my music and fashion, they can dress like me if they want to. Something which I love doing, so yea watch out for this.

Do you feel there is no quality control within the Bhangra Music industry?

Erm….. yea it’s hard, but for me its all about the quality not about quantity but yea some people do it for the sake of it or whatever. But I don’t want to say anything about others. I do my thing and put 100% into it making it better and better, if it works or not but the quality must be there. Quality will sell in the long run not quantity!!!

Here at we try to ensure that our readers worldwide only get the best in Bhangra Music that’s featured on our website. What else do you think the media can do to control this?

Well I think all the social media are doing a great job including yourself of course. However what I don’t like is there is too much going on facebook etc, writing about each other , people dissing each other, I don’t like all that. All the media, especially a site like yours and everyone else needs to support each other and make us all one big family. However social media and a site like yours have changed a lot of things. If I release something overnight the whole world knows about it. So keep up the great work.

We know that you get busy with wedding bookings, but what is your thought on the club scene, has it dried off and if so why is this?

Yes definitely the club scene has died down. I think this is due to the fact if promoter are not going to make money, they won’t be booking artist. Another thing I want to say is that there is too many fights in clubs, club owners don’t want to give clubs to Asians much anymore due to the fights. This is a shame. It takes a promoter lot of time to put these events together and get a good line up to perform, then a flight kicks off and the club shuts down. It’s a shame, however hopefully this will change and they will come back soon. Let’s wait and see.

Your music videos seem always to be shot to a high budget why do you feel this is important  & what’s the most expensive video you have shot?

Well like I said it’s all about my image. It’s not about how expensive the video is, it’s got to be different. Every video should be different and people should not be saying oh that’s the same as last time. That’s what I do. I have a image to protect, I’ve been singing for over 20 years. I have tried my best music, best video. The most expensive video has to me RAMBO though, it was shot in two different countries UK and Canada, we had private jets, helicopter, phantom vehicles you name it. That was the highest budget video for me.

We notice that you have launched your own record label JAZZY B records? Why have you made this decision and does this mean you have left moviebox?

Well I work with everyone. I work with music waves, speed records, moviebox. It’s just something for the future, its all about the social media now. There is no physical sales anymore. I’d rather release a track, which is my own track and give it to anyone I want. What happens is someone may want to use the track for a Hindi film and then there is copyright issues etc and the track cannot be in the movie. However right now if I got a song, I’ve got the full rights and can do whatever I want with it. I have a lot of releases coming on my own label and speed records,moviebox and music waves.

If there is anything you could change about yourself what would it be?

Ha ha that’s a funny question…..erm I don’t know. I’m really happy with my life, I like the way I am. Erm…..Erm….. maybe abit more height. I consider myself lucky, blessed by god. I’m happy with myself, I don’t know about people.

What’s in the pipeline for Jazzy B now?

Well right now I’ve got a MTV track called Raise Above Hate with Milling Gaba, and Sukshinder Shinda collaborations 3 which the video has been shot in Canada. Both these tracks are out now so check it now on BhangraReleases. Then more Hindi film tracks, more singles plus I will drop my new full album 2015. Let’s see what happens.

Before you go Jazzy B is there anything you would like to say to all our readers worldwide on

I just want to thank all my fans across the world since 1993, even until now. It’s because of you guys where I am today, so keep on supporting good music, Punjabi music and download original music. Also thanks for for giving the world all the latest music, gossip, videos under one roof, you guys are doing a great job keep it up. Love and peace.


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