Dark MC Talks to Bhangra Releases (Exclusive) exclusively talk to Dark MC about his journey, thoughts about the industry & whats to come. He also mentions his relationship with the Soundpipe Label.

Where did the name Dark Mc come from?

Basically I use to do a lot of free styling at school and back then they use to use the slang word “dark” which meant wicked. Nowadays they use the word “sick” lol. Every time I use to freestyle my friend use to say you’re a dark mc so it kind of stuck to me from there. If I had entered the scene now they probably would have called me sick MC instead lol.

Okay, let’s really get down to the interview now. So Dark MC, what’s your current thought of the market/industry?

The market has changed over the years; it’s a very single dominated market now. To launch a single there is a lot that goes into it, you will need to do a video, and you will need PR etc. I guess this is because albums don’t sell anymore. In my opinion there should be some quality control in our industry when it comes to music and videos I think that’s what we are lacking in our industry.

It appears that many well known artists do music as a part time job as they feel there is not enough money in the industry. Do you agree and if so why is this?

This industry is very difficult and only a handful of artists do it full time and I am one of them. I had to work my butt off for years though because it is a very competitive industry. Our industry is a very niche industry so that means you can’t make much from digital sales, You will have to get out there and do shows. The shows are where the money is so you will have to be very good at what you do in order to get bookings. There are many artists who are very successful but that is due to their determination and work ethic.

If we remember correct you started your first release with Big Poppa Records back dating to 2004, how did it feel to release with them and where have they gone now?

The main guy was Jas Virdee who is my cousin; he put together the big poppa cartel. I remember he needed a MC on a track for his first album so my cousin recommended me to Jas. He took me to the studio and the rest was history. We made some noise back then and I have very good memories and won’t forget them at all. Jas Virdee now is very busy in his life and he is doing very well so I don’t think he will return to the music scene.

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You moved onto the sound pipe records and released a few albums with them, but then it came to notice you left them (or did they drop you). Why was this? Did you feel you were not getting the correct success?

I released my debut album with them which included my first big hit dushmani. I wouldn’t change anything going to the sound pipe because I learnt a lot while I was there. I decided to part ways because I wanted to progress in my career and work with the biggest artists in our industry and moviebox are one of the biggest record labels around.

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What is your honest thought of the Sound pipe Label which is run by (Bee2 and Taje) Do you feel they are releasing anything they can grab and make money on? We heard they was charging people £20.000 for a album

I have the utmost respect for BEE2 and TAJ E, we have a great relationship. I have no idea how much they charge, that is something you got to ask them yourself.

Dark MC, since your move to moviebox you have yet again released some smash hits. Can you share this with our readers and how successful where they?

It’s great to have a number of hits under my belt, that is due to lots of hard work and I am thankful to have a great team around me. It is never about one person it’s all about team effort. My most successful track was CHORI CHORI TAKNA which took the world by storm. I was shocked with the response to it, was unbelievable the amount of love shown around the world for that track. It is also one of the most successful songs to come out of moviebox record label. I have had a lot of number 1 tracks and hopefully there is more to come.

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Who do you feel at this moment of the time is taking over the Bhangra Music industry?

I would say Diljit is the man of the moment! He has a powerful voice and I loved his album. On the producers side Dr Zeus has been making quality stuff also.

We have seen some posts by yourself on facebook directing them towards haters? Have you got that many and why do so many Asians feel to hate on artist?

I made that post a while ago and I am pretty sure every artist has haters. For some reason Asians feel the need to hate and put artists down for no reason even if the track is a smash hit. I don’t understand this but doesn’t bother me at all, Love me or hate me the more you talk about me the more you are promoting my name so you should use haters as a positive thing lol.

Here at we only believe in bringing quality bhangra news to our readers, what’s your views on this and the website?

I think it is fantastic that we have sites like bhangra releases as it’s promoting our beloved music worldwide.

What do you have in store for 2014?

There is going to be a lot happening from me and my camp this year. I am launching my new artist called Harmesh who will be releasing his new single very soon also myself and Angel are working alongside Nav Sidhu for a big single. I have also signed a new young talent called PKC the first. My first single for 2014 will be featuring daljit mattu also got a few more singles and collaborations lined up this year plus some big announcements. Watch this space….

Dark MC, be honest with us, can you see your making a living as an artist?

Yes as I have been making a living from it for a couple of years now.

Dark MC, thanks for taking the time to speak with us here on would you like to wish any final messages to our readers worldwide?

Thank you very much for having me and I would like to say thank you to everyone out there who has supported me, there will be a lot more to come from myself and the camp. Peace and stay blessed.

We would like to thanks DARK MC for taking the time to talk to us here on and wish him all the success. We understand he is no longer with Moviebox and we’ll try to catch up with him another time and find out what happened.


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